Why Your Kazakhstan Traffic has disappeared for your search engine optimized website

Posted on August 22, 2019August 22, 2019Categories cyber security, first page google, Google chrome, Kazakhstan websites, search engine optimization, seo, website traffic

Kazakhstan is having some government issues, which unfortunately affects any business or website that is popular in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is trying to spy on their citizens by seeing everything they do online by misusing a TLS certificate, which you know as the green lock that means you are secure.

Google would not allow this to happen in chrome and has blocked the government trying to use Google chrome maliciously. Until this issue is solved in Kazakhstan your traffic won’t be as high as you are used too.

Ranking In Google Search & The Inportance Of Understanding Google Brain

Posted on August 22, 2019August 22, 2019Categories Uncategorized

Ranking in Google Search is very important to your businesses needs, but what do you know about getting your site seen on Google?

Are you familiar with properly optimized titles, descriptions, blog posts, and how to make a good call to action above the fold? That’s awesome if you do, but if you understand that do you understand Google Brain?

No, you don’t. Google Brain is as the two words say the brain for Google, whether it is algorithm changes to search or to other portions of Google, it is key to read the wonderful white papers and most importantly understand them that Google brain publishes.

These white papers gives us a great understanding on the proposed changes of Google properties and to Google brain, the research being done with Google Brain and how certain parts of Googke brain currently work that are explained in the white papers.

Our competition does not research this much to make sure they provide you a great experience. We do, because providing you a great experience for your business to reach it’s goal of being more visible, whether that’s for increased profit or popularity, we always achieve those goals.

We look forward hearing from you soon!