Get On Front Page Of Google In 24 hours with Secret SEO Guide — Fact or Fiction?

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Can you get on the front page of Google in 24 hours with these secret SEO guides in 2019?

The answer is, it depends. If your website just launched in the last 24 hours, you will not be on the front page of Google, except maybe for your name if you properly submitted your site, had it crawled and gave Google webmaster the sitemap. Then, maybe in 24 hours you could possibly be appearing for your name if it is a unique name.

You should not expect to instantly be on the first page and be taking down your competitors. That takes work, time and dedication, but once done right it can be done in 24 hours on the front page of Google.

See, if you write something that is properly optimized, it can appear for a lot of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords means more than just front page Google, instead it would be “Get seen online and first page of Google for extraterrestrials”. You may rank for First page of Google for extraterrestrials, because those words are in your title. You may also appear for a short keyword Google For Extraterrestrials.

Getting seen on the first page takes knowing how Google works, which is why we are always reading any Google Search algorithm white paper, so we can help you and your business get seen online.

If this has helped you at all, send us a message or leave a comment. We hope to help your business make more money online.

Why Cyber Security is essential to SEO

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We had a client who insisted only on us doing SEO and no cyber security. They believed that being small company prevented them from being hacked. When we showed them the statistics that 50 percent of small businesses go out of business from cyber attacks, they still didn’t think they would be hacked. That was one factor that lost them a lot of money, and as they’ve learned adding in cyber security after the hack isn’t going to recover your money. Also, if you refuse to replace your vulnerable software, you’ll be hacked again and again.

So how does this link to search engine Optimization? It’s pretty simple. When you are hacked, Google remembers and penalizes you for it till your site hasn’t been hacked for 90 days. Not being hacked is vital to survival online, and we help companies survive online both with getting seen and making their sites and apps far more secure.

Building cyber security in with your SEO is a great option. We also do just SEO as some people like to live life on the dangerous side and not do anything about their security.

Why Your Kazakhstan Traffic has disappeared for your search engine optimized website

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Kazakhstan is having some government issues, which unfortunately affects any business or website that is popular in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is trying to spy on their citizens by seeing everything they do online by misusing a TLS certificate, which you know as the green lock that means you are secure.

Google would not allow this to happen in chrome and has blocked the government trying to use Google chrome maliciously. Until this issue is solved in Kazakhstan your traffic won’t be as high as you are used too.

Ranking In Google Search & The Inportance Of Understanding Google Brain

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Ranking in Google Search is very important to your businesses needs, but what do you know about getting your site seen on Google?

Are you familiar with properly optimized titles, descriptions, blog posts, and how to make a good call to action above the fold? That’s awesome if you do, but if you understand that do you understand Google Brain?

No, you don’t. Google Brain is as the two words say the brain for Google, whether it is algorithm changes to search or to other portions of Google, it is key to read the wonderful white papers and most importantly understand them that Google brain publishes.

These white papers gives us a great understanding on the proposed changes of Google properties and to Google brain, the research being done with Google Brain and how certain parts of Googke brain currently work that are explained in the white papers.

Our competition does not research this much to make sure they provide you a great experience. We do, because providing you a great experience for your business to reach it’s goal of being more visible, whether that’s for increased profit or popularity, we always achieve those goals.

We look forward hearing from you soon!

Upgrade To Latest Yoast Version For Google To Index You Correctly

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Update: consumers believe yoast went back to making it hard for your site to be indexed. We will be looking into this.

Yoast had a bug that was preventing sites from being indexed. We wrote about this and six months later they announced a fix. We are very happy that Yoast says they have finally fixed the problem making it harder to be seen in Google rankings. We will be putting their update to the test and provide a 3rd party audit of their solution to ensure the problem has been corrected. We can only hope that they will take a more positive approach to bug issues in the future.

We are still waiting on All In One SEO and many others to act and fix this issue.