Did John McAfee Die In Prison? Probably Not, here’s why

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John McAfee, the pioneer of anti-virus software is reported dead by commiting suicide in a Spain prison. Is he dead? Probably not. Based on John’s past adventures, the chance of death by suicide is extremely low.

A quick history recap, McAfee escaped Belize when the police wanted him for questioning about the death of his neighbor. Suspecting the Belize government at the time would most likely murder him, he dissapeared and got out of Belize. He ended up in prison and faked a heart attack. This just is who McAfee is.

The report of John McAfees death lasts substance, namely a picture of the body, which of course can be faked, but is a lot more substantive than the jail saying he killed himself.

If you ever spent much time talking to John, he’s the type who confronts governments and won’t back down, so allegedly committing suicide because he was being extradited doesn’t hold up to his personal character.

So is John McAfee dead or alive? Right now, we really don’t know. At this point he is schrodingers McAfee, both possibly dead and possibly alive simultaneously.

This will be updated as more data comes available.

Krypton, a new encryption — is it worth our time?

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Krypton Encryption

Do we need a new encryption? Why do we need a new cryptography? Those are the two questions I’ve asked the creator of Krypton-320 a 320 bit Java based symmetrical encryption repeatedly for months.

Creator notaidan, believes that we do need a new cryptography, many of his answers over the months to questions are privacy driven. In the early days of krypton formerly uwucrypt, i asked why not just use AES? Notaidan pointed to that AES is government approved and we need protection from the government. While he didn’t say it nor does he believe he implied it, this argument inherently states that AES must be insecure , which no one knows of for the government to approve it. We whole heartedly disagree here, since anyone can read the code of AES that’s been available for decades.

So why krypton cryptography? Could it be that notaidan is 14 per his github site and just wants to create for the fun of it? No, he believes it is stronger than aes-256 because it is 320 bits. He has rewritten it about ten times. Whenever a bug is found, he doesn’t just patch the bug, he rewrites it entirely.

So is krypton encryption something we should use? That’s where uncertainty lies. With the codebase being rewritten all the time, it’s hard to analyze it and decide okay this is secure or insecure. What was said about Krypton earlier this week, no longer applies, so trying to form an opinion about it, is simply not doable at this time.

Is the Java libraries used safe? It uses secure random, big integer, scanner, and one other. All of these are well known, secure, libraries so yes there is no problem there. The only thing left is for some of the cryptography community to decide if the latest krypton-320 bit encryption is indeed better than AES and more secure as it is being touted. This will be updated as information becomes available.

Beginners Advice for Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Doge

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Written by Luciolle24, edited by Planet Zuda Staff

My First experience with Cryptocurrency, bitcoin and doge

So… Today we’re gonna talk about my experience as a new user to crypto.
Last time, after I did a job writing about cryptocurrency, I was paid in a new crypto currency called DOGE. It was my first experience with crypto. I recommend you take some time off to set up everything correctly, which I, of course, did not. It came back to bite me later, I figured out many things I could have figured out before.

During the first few days I just watched the amount of money from DOGE slowly go up until I made a few bucks. I waited for the perfect time and sold my DOGE for profit. That’s when the first beginner problem rose: what to do with the money ? I couldn’t easily withdraw it because I sold in USD (not my country’s currency). I bought some other crypto currency, mainly BTC, ETH and a few esoteric ones. That’s when I realized that crypto currency, especially as a beginner requires something : Time! Which I didn’t have a lot of.

As a new user I had no clue how the market worked and found myself really scared of losing everything. I was changing cryptocurrency often, which was scary as the price could fall. All while attempting to predict a market I had no clue about. I feel like that was my second mistake : I went into crypto with little to no knowledge on the subject. Now feel like I know more than most. I probably lost a lot by doing stupid rookie mistakes.

My advice to newcomers to cryptocurrency whether it be dogecoin or anything else?

  • Do your research!!! (don’t jump in with no clue about the value of certain coins…)
  • Don’t always go for the big coins : Some small, not so well-known coins can also win you money.
  • Only use money you won’t need because It’s really hard to withdraw. You can lose everything if you’re not careful.
  • Do your best and if it feels to stressful take a break, loosing 0.00001 dollars isn’t going to kill you.
  • Don’t aim for huge rewards, you’re not a professional, aim for a little profit and build up from there.

In the end I think using cryptocurrency is a good alternative to PayPal and Cashapp, you just have to have enough time, live in the USA and do your research. Editors note: Living in the USA is not required for use of cryptocurrency or dogecoin, but with some exchanges it is easier.

Have a good day and trade well!

What Are NFTS & How They Work For Artists

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Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24

NFT art public domain wikipedia

Non fungible tokens, also known as NFTs have exploded in popularity recently. The Covid pandemic has lead to artists trying to find new ways to make money and NFTS provide them with the creative outlet they need.

How do NFTS help artists make money?

Artists can sell original prints or copies of their art and digital art to people who are buying. They can list it on opensea.io or rarible.com, among many other sites. Our founder decided to experiment with rarible.com and put up some of his art, but sadly discovered it was pretty expensive (around $100 USD per piece of art uploaded), so only two pieces of art were uploaded as an experiment to Rarible.

When our founder wrote about this on twitter, his friend Alon Goren, who’s been working at Goren Draper And Holmes, decided to teach him how to use openminter with tezos, we will of course pass that knowledge on to you.

We are going to find out the cheapest way to upload your NFT art so you can make money during the pandemic and afterwards.

What does a NFT do for my art exactly?

NFT’s are a form of smart contracts for the block chain, which shows without a shadow of a doubt, that you purchased or uploaded that piece of art. This would help enforce your rights for that piece of art, you are also the ONLY one who gets any additional offerings that creators offer, like our founder offers animation for one piece.

What collector sites will be going to NFT?

It is rumored that Quidd will soon be moving to NFT’s in the near future for their digital collectible marvel cards, basketball cards, and a lot more awesomeness. Which our owner and our assistant writer are also experimenting with…

What is great about Quidd is as of the moment this was written you can still get free cards and cards for coins, the game in-app currency (you can earn that currency by watching ads or completing offers), which you can then sell for real money. That’s right, get free stuff, make real money. It is that simple.

NFTS Just Says I Own Something?

When you get down to the nitty gritty of it, yeah that is the simple answer. It links you to what you purchased and that token, so you own that non fungible token, which is linked to whatever you purchased.

We will continue updating this article with more info on NFTS, keep up-to-date with this article.

Holding 8 Million Dollars Of Bitcoin needing recovery In my Hand

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This is an experience our founder had with what he thought he was told was a billion dollars of bitcoin. It turns out it was only 8 million dollars of bitcoin at that point in time.

If you think your holding a billion dollars of bitcoin in your hand it is a strange feeling. I contacted John Paukilis, who was the middle man who informed me it was only 800 bitcoin, which means I held 8 million dollars at that point in time. The only way to hold bitcoin is if it is stored in hardware. n this case it was in a USB drive, also known as a flash drive.

This 8 million dollars of bitcoin belonged to a gentlemen who appeared out of nowhere. He asked my good friend, John Paukilis whose known in the bitcoin community if it can be retrieved. I noticed my friend smile across the room and said to me “come here”. I walked across the room to be told it had a ton of bitcoin on it and it needed to be recovered. I told my friend that wasn’t a problem. I held the flash drive in my hand and while physically it was just a flash drive, it felt like I was holding a very expensive item in my hand.

My friend took the flash drive full of bitcoins back and gave it to its owner, who said he would be in contact and dissapeared faster then he appeared.

The owner of the bitcoin most likely still can’t get access to his bitcoin which would be worth way more. It still can be recovered for free, we just get a percentage.