How Tour Operators Can Make Money During coronavirus

Tour operators are in a very tough spot right now with coronavirus making their businesses close. Everything looks bleak, like your tour company may go out of business. Do not fear, we are here! How Tour Operators Can Make Passive Income Whether you own a tour bus, ghost hunting, or a type of experiential tours […]

Free Shopify Stores & WordPress sites For Stores impacted by covid 19

From our press release ” Ryan Satterfield, founder of Planet Zuda LLC, is now offering free set- up services for Shopify online stores and WordPress sites. These complimentary services are primarily for brick and mortar store owners as well as small business owners and independent contractors who do not have an online presence and were […]

Artificial Intelligence Gets You Seen Quicker On Search

Personalization is nothing new in life, since companies through the ages try to tailor to their audience. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we can make better personalization quicker for customers. you’ve probably used paid per click ads, which use artificial intelligence to target customers with relevant content to make sales. We are […]

Dating App AceApp for Asexuals Leak Users Personally Identifying Info

Update May 25th, 2020 3:53 PM Pacific Time The asexual app aceapp has not fixed the security flaw that outs users. This comes to great sadness to us that the owner has not fixed the flaw. We will continue to keep you updated with proper information. Update may 26th midnight and 27 minutes pacifc time. […]