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hire cybersecurity experts in web3 & Smart Contracts

With cyber-security and web3 smart contract experts on your side, your website, app, or even hardware devices will be made more secure. We work side by side remotely with you, so you will be better seen and protected online.
We can’t stress how important web3 security is, especially with your smart contract. Once your smart contract is on the blockchain, updating it to secure it is far harder on the decentralized internet known as web 3, than it is on the centralized internet. Our cyber security services and products are built to protect your brand.
The importance of website security can’t be understated with laws like GDPR and CCPA making you pay money if you are hacked.
Your brand and your vision of success matters to us as much as it matters to you. You get 20 years of wisdom in cyber-security and 11 years of professional wisdom thanks to our founder.

What Our customers say

We treat security as an ongoing effort. [Planet Zuda] helped boost the security of our plugins and helped keep them secure. We started with an initial review which uncovered a number of issues to handle. Then, we kept working with [Planet Zuda] to maintain the security of our plugins as we released new versions and as WordPress updated the general security advice for the entire project. The cost of the security review was little compared to the damage that we avoided to ourselves and our clients, if we had left security exploits in our products. “

Amir Helzer WPML

You made us realize how fragile our site is.


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