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With us on your side we will work side by side remotely with you, so you will be better seen online. Your brand and your vision of success matters to us as much as it matters to you. You get nearly 20 years of wisdom thanks to our founders beginnings as a co-founder of the search engine Cheetasearch at 14 years old. He worked after school and on the weekends, until they got a buy out offer.

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Get Sales!

Results pump up our clients hearts, because they're making progress. It makes us just as happy for them as well, since we work side by side with you.

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Setup a free shopify site or WordPress site for you, excluding shopify fees.

Add 5 products with images to shopify site

One site only




Review of SEO and quick review of your security

2 pre-designed website layouts to choose from!

one blog post a month




Comprehensive SEO

4 blog posts a month

Incremental Site updates to be SEO friendly

Security review

1 ad pitch

Strengthen your sites security & Get Site Health Email Tips

Similar to a good workout, we make it so your site can handle being online and have the strength and stamina that comes with making your site more secure. If you can’t afford us to strengthen your site, similar to how many can’t afford a professional trainer, then our email list is the next best thing. When we strengthen your site, you will barely notice the security changes of your buff site, if you see them at all. When you get the emails you will get to learn how to make your site buff and tough with bulging muscles.

What Our customers say

We treat security as an ongoing effort. [Planet Zuda] helped boost the security of our plugins and helped keep them secure. We started with an initial review which uncovered a number of issues to handle. Then, we kept working with [Planet Zuda] to maintain the security of our plugins as we released new versions and as WordPress updated the general security advice for the entire project. The cost of the security review was little compared to the damage that we avoided to ourselves and our clients, if we had left security exploits in our products. “

Amir Helzer WPML

You made us realize how fragile our site is.