Why Cyber Security is essential to SEO

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We had a client who insisted only on us doing SEO and no cyber security. They believed that being small company prevented them from being hacked. When we showed them the statistics that 50 percent of small businesses go out of business from cyber attacks, they still didn’t think they would be hacked. That was one factor that lost them a lot of money, and as they’ve learned adding in cyber security after the hack isn’t going to recover your money. Also, if you refuse to replace your vulnerable software, you’ll be hacked again and again.

So how does this link to search engine Optimization? It’s pretty simple. When you are hacked, Google remembers and penalizes you for it till your site hasn’t been hacked for 90 days. Not being hacked is vital to survival online, and we help companies survive online both with getting seen and making their sites and apps far more secure.

Building cyber security in with your SEO is a great option. We also do just SEO as some people like to live life on the dangerous side and not do anything about their security.

Why Your Kazakhstan Traffic has disappeared for your search engine optimized website

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Kazakhstan is having some government issues, which unfortunately affects any business or website that is popular in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is trying to spy on their citizens by seeing everything they do online by misusing a TLS certificate, which you know as the green lock that means you are secure.

Google would not allow this to happen in chrome and has blocked the government trying to use Google chrome maliciously. Until this issue is solved in Kazakhstan your traffic won’t be as high as you are used too.

How to get on First page of google — a free SEO tutorial

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How do I get onto the first page of google? Is a question everyone wants the answer to as everyone has something interesting to share. Today we will dissect how to get you on the first page of google, but as this is a beginner guide, we won’t be able to go into some extremely nuanced details on ranking for Google. If you decide you need help, we can help you rank on Google  


The first step in any business is to know what you are promoting, which also applies to getting on the first page of Google. What are you promoting? If you are a tour company, you need to identify what type of tours you give and what people search for, for your tours. If you’re promoting a beach house for rent, then you need to establish what people search for. If you’re promoting how to get on the first page of google, then you identify what people search for and write an article for it   Continue reading “How to get on First page of google — a free SEO tutorial”

Planet Zuda Cyber Security And SEO podcast: Episode 1

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In this episode, we discuss security data breaches, how flawed a lot of open source programs are with security, especially one person WordPress plugins. We also covered cionews.com, Yoast SEO, On The Go Systems premium plugin WPML and plenty more.

Planet Zuda Seo

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Planet Zuda SEO, also known as search engine optimization is loved by Planet Zuda customers.  We do very well in helping our customers rank well in search, which usually turns into them making cash in one way or another.


We provide SEO across the country from Chicago, Los Angeles, and multiple different types of products Planet Zuda is able to amke those products succeed. However we have our own formula, and if customers don’t want to use our formula and become stuck on their way of doing things and have us doing what they did that failed, then we seperate ways. We will be writing success stories on our SEO work and more about helping take care of abandoned software online. We believe we should secure the world and help people make money and while there are some critics who attack us, that does not stop from our mission and from our allies supporting us.