Persistent XSS VS Sql Injections

What Is Persistent XSS? Persistent XSS, also known as persistent cross site scripting is a way to inject code into a sites database. The way this occurs is due to areas in the code, called parameters that don’t do proper security checks that communicate with the database. You might be thinking that this sounds a […]

Roblox Malware Bypasses Parental Controls

Update: There has been a big purge on malware from the roblox site. All the malware we listed has been removed from known infected models when added to a new game. This does not clear up if already infected games have been cleaned up. Roblox is a game platform where anyone can make a game […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month

What is Cyber Security Awareness Month? For most people, October is the month of ghosts and goblins, but for the last 17 years, October is also Cyber Security Awareness Month in the USA. Now in its 17th year, Cyber Security Month builds on the momentum initiated jointly by National Security Agency (NCSA)  and the Cyber […]

What Is WebP & How It Could Make You Money In 2021

WebP is the latest and greatest image format, simply meaning it makes your image look awesome while making your image as small as possible, so people who have slow internet will see your site load quickly. WebP will play a significant role in SEO come 2021 with the release of Lighthouse 6 also known as […]

Google Dork queries aren’t Hacking, But Exposes Your Data!

1.0 What is a Google Dork query? 1.1 Google Dorks Can Be Used For Evil 1.2 What is Google Cache? 1.3 How Do Google Dorks Find exposed data on my site if they don’t know about my site? What is a Google Dork query? Google dork queries isn’t a way to hack, it is a […]