Ethereum Smart Contract SelfDestruct, Destroys Your Contract

Ethereum Solidity code is used for writing smart contracts in Ethereum and a feature is called SelfDestruct. This is basically a function, that has existed in the Ethereum protocol since 2013. We are diving into Self Destruct and the problems with it. What does Self Destruct do? Self Destruct is written as SelfDestruct in the […]

Ethereum Smart Contract Preventing Other Solidity Contracts From Hacking You

An Ethereum Smart Contract is written in Solidity, and has many built in-security features. In this article we are discussing a security feature, which is a specific Ethereum modifier that stops people from writing another smart contract that can interact with yours. What is an Ethereum modifier? It is in layman terms, built-in functions you […]

Recovering Hacked Facebook & Defeating Porn Ransom

Hacked Facebook and picture being held ransom cybercrime Intent and motive are two important parts of solving any crime, the same goes for cyber-crime. This is a real case we had with the names anonymized for privacy purposes. Someone woke up Saturday morning to two rude surprises. We dealt with a compromised Facebook while also […]

Did John McAfee Die In Prison? Probably Not, here’s why

John McAfee, the pioneer of anti-virus software is reported dead by commiting suicide in a Spain prison. Is he dead? Probably not. Based on John’s past adventures, the chance of death by suicide is extremely low. A quick history recap, McAfee escaped Belize when the police wanted him for questioning about the death of his […]

Krypton, a new encryption — is it worth our time?

Do we need a new encryption? Why do we need a new cryptography? Those are the two questions I’ve asked the creator of Krypton-320 a 320 bit Java based symmetrical encryption repeatedly for months. Creator notaidan, believes that we do need a new cryptography, many of his answers over the months to questions are privacy […]