Why Cyber Security is essential to SEO

We had a client who insisted only on us doing SEO and to leave their dilapidated security alone, because they’re small so no one would want to hack them. That misnomer lost them a lot of money, and as they’ve learned adding in cyber security after the hack isn’t going to recover your money. Also, […]

Ranking In Google Search & The Inportance Of Understanding Google Brain

Ranking in Google Search is very important to your businesses needs, but what do you know about getting your site seen on Google? Are you familiar with properly optimized titles, descriptions, blog posts, and how to make a good call to action above the fold? That’s awesome if you do, but if you understand that […]

Upgrade To Latest Yoast Version For Google To Index You Correctly

Yoast had a bug that was preventing sites from being indexed. We wrote about this and six months later they announced a fix. We are very happy that Yoast says they have finally fixed the problem making it harder to be seen in Google rankings. We will be putting their update to the test and […]