wp_create_nonce does not secure you against CSRF or XSRF

A lock representing security for your website

What is wp_create_nonce and what is it for? wp_create_nonce is a function for theme and plugin developers using WordPress. The majority of developers understandably believe this secures their forms from cross site request forgery, unfortunately it doesn’t. WordPress is great at making functions for developers that any reasonable person would believe has security built-in. When […]

What is a SQL Injection? Is My Site safe?

What is a SQL injection? A sql injection put simply is when someone injects their own code or information into your site or apps database. The way this happens is usually due to a vulnerable piece of code that didn’t put in security measures around the interaction allowed with the database. What is a database? […]

WordPress is_admin unsafe & On Your Site

What is WordPress is_admin and how is it on my site? is_admin is a WordPress function used for plugins and themes, which developers misunderstand. The WordPress function is_admin sounds like code that would make sure the user is an admin, but that isn’t the case. Instead is_admin() checks to see if you’re on an administrator […]

Beginners Advice for Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Doge

Written by Luciolle24, edited by Planet Zuda Staff My First experience with Cryptocurrency, bitcoin and doge So… Today we’re gonna talk about my experience as a new user to crypto.Last time, after I did a job writing about cryptocurrency, I was paid in a new crypto currency called DOGE. It was my first experience with […]

What Are NFTS & How They Work For Artists

Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24 Non fungible tokens, also known as NFTs have exploded in popularity recently. The Covid pandemic has lead to artists trying to find new ways to make money and NFTS provide them with the creative outlet they need. How do NFTS help artists make money? Artists can sell original […]