Your iPhone & iPad Can Be Easily hacked

Your iPhone has Siri, which unknowingly to you makes your phone constantly vulnerable from various attacks, even when your phone is locked and you sit it down. Anyone can go through your previous messages, make calls, send texts, view your work schedule, add new events to your schedule, FaceTime anyone, etc. It’s also important to […]

Are WordPress Nulled Themes Safe & Legal To Use?

WordPress nulled themes are very popular as they usually contain free WordPress themes that go for $30 to $50 on themeforest. Nulled in this context is a word used in the WordPress community to represent paid themes that are free. The legality of using these WordPress themes is indeed interesting, because using these themes without […]

Supreme Court Agrees Businesses can’t have bad SEO

We are going to give you a quick overview on how your website or app may be out of compliance with the law and what the Supreme Court did. An individual who is blind was unable to order from dominoes pizzas website or app, so he sued over a violation of the ADA. An appellate […] is a quick way to get here!

When you run a website, like we do you need people to quickly understand what they’re getting, that’s why we own currently brings you to our site, but that’s a good thing. When you own a site, you need as many ways as possible for people to get in to it. quickly […]

Fighting Trolls Online & Why Trolls Can’t Be Founders

Trolls are a nightmare for companies, not because they’re rude, lack class, it’s not even the mental imagery they use through words. Trolls are a nightmare for businesses, because if they have a shred of intelligence it’s impossible to remove the damage that they inflicted on your business. We will be discussing the trolls that […]