Unhackable Software Security Researchers Can’t Crack

Security is important, so making software impossible to hack is something everyone wants. Unfortunately, unhackable software when marketed as such, is usually extremely easy to hack. This is not the case with our software as it’s only 2 lines of code, which truly can’t be hacked.

Ventura County SEO Company Increases Customers Sales 170 percent

We are a Ventura County SEO and cybersecurity company. We increased our customers sales 170 percent compared to January 2019 in January 2020. Last year they were using a different SEO company in Ventura County, but the SEO company wasn’t even making them enough sales to cover the amount they were charging our client. How […]

Cyber Monday Month 99 Cent Sale

We decided Cyber Monday isn’t long enough, so we are having Cyber Monday prices the entire month of December. Our specials this month are a quick manual security review and or a quick SEO review. You will be charged $0.99 cents for the first months service and $9.99 the following months, if you do not […]

Macy’s Was Hacked — What You Need To Know

Two important pages of Macy’s website was hacked for one week in October. During that period your credit card details and other information may have been stolen. You were only impacted if you went to the checkout page or your wallet page. Any information entered, including credit cards was sent to the criminals between October […]

Why Linking To Your Sources Helps Your Source — Link Juice

Have you ever written an article and had sources, but didn’t link to them? If you’ve done that, you’ve taken link juice away from your source. Link juice is when one site links to another site. Some search engines find linking to other sites as giving them a vote of confidence and raising their authority […]