Defcon 28 tridium 95 CTF Biohack-village write-up

At defcon 28 our founder entered the bio-hacking village CTF testing devices. A CTF is testing real life programs or in this case medical devices where the people who set it up put in what is usually text, that we call a flag we have to find and then report. The team with the most […]

Unity Point Health Data Breach 1.8 million dollar Settlement

Unity Point Health, Iowa Healthcare system had a breach of their cyber security by a technique called social engineering. In this case it is where a malicious email is sent with a link or file that is clicked or downloaded which then let’s the attacker have access of your companies personal information. The parties, which […]

Online Game Stalker Online Hacked — immediate action required

Stalker Online is a multi-player game that was hacked and 1.2 million user records were stolen and up put for sale by criminals on hackerforums, which is generally a site for newbie hackers, both ethical and unethical. A database containing over 1.2 million user records from the popular MMO Stalker Online is being sold on hacker forums. […]

Lifelabs Data Breach Impacts 15 Million Canadians

Ontario and British Columbia’s information and privacy commissioners have determined LifeLabs, the laboratory testing company didn’t protect the health information of 15 million Canadians, which mainly impacted those living in BC and Ontario. An investigation found that LifeLabs didn’t implement “reasonable” security to protect their customers personal health informstion. The inadequate cyber security violates BC’s […]