Why Your Kazakhstan Traffic has disappeared for your search engine optimized website

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Kazakhstan is having some government issues, which unfortunately affects any business or website that is popular in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is trying to spy on their citizens by seeing everything they do online by misusing a TLS certificate, which you know as the green lock that means you are secure.

Google would not allow this to happen in chrome and has blocked the government trying to use Google chrome maliciously. Until this issue is solved in Kazakhstan your traffic won’t be as high as you are used too.

Why Airtight security Premium Is Great!

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Have you ever wanted software that is maintained by programmers that have your best interest at heart? Do you want features and a security scanner to check and see if you’re vulnerable to being hacked? You are at the right place.

We provide a team that analyzes code that acts in a malicious manner or is malicious. We provide a free fix for Yoast SEO blocking podcasts and lowering your visibility in Google rankings. Our software automatically adds in some cross site scripting protection by putting in the xss protection header. This helps keep your site safer from a certain type of hack called cross site scripting. We also provide a header that tries to make sure only the right code runs, so if someone does something malicious it may not run depending on how it is written.

We provide you with extra privacy, meaning when you leave your site using a secure connection to a site not using a secure connection they won’t be told what site you came from. By default all sites are told where people come from.About the airtight security team

We have over over 20 years of working in cyber-security.Our programmers have a security first motto, which makes great code to help you stay secure.

  Premium Airtight Security

Our scanner provides up-to-date info on publicly known ways to hack software used on your site. Our cheapest premium version is $4.99 a month for two site licenses.   $9.99 a month for being able to use it on five sites, $14.99 a month for 20 site licenses, $19.99 a month for 50 site licenses and $59.99 a year for unlimited licenses. We currently scan up to 50 plugins and themes on your site.

What do you get with Airtight Security?

We defend against code that acts in a malicious manner and our premium version alerts you about publicly known exploits that you have on your site. You are harnessing the power of a crowd of researchers and getting information from the worlds largest software that is known to be exploitable for WordPress.

How to get on First page of google — a free SEO tutorial

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How do I get onto the first page of google? Is a question everyone wants the answer to as everyone has something interesting to share. Today we will dissect how to get you on the first page of google, but as this is a beginner guide, we won’t be able to go into some extremely nuanced details on ranking for Google. If you decide you need help, we can help you rank on Google  


The first step in any business is to know what you are promoting, which also applies to getting on the first page of Google. What are you promoting? If you are a tour company, you need to identify what type of tours you give and what people search for, for your tours. If you’re promoting a beach house for rent, then you need to establish what people search for. If you’re promoting how to get on the first page of google, then you identify what people search for and write an article for it   Continue reading “How to get on First page of google — a free SEO tutorial”

Security & SEO Podcast episode 2

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What happens if you only focus on SEO and do really well, but don’t focus on security? You get hacked and lose tens of thousands of dollars or if you don’t have a team who works quickly on SEO and security, you could go out of business. We cover how 46 million phones were hacked in Malaysia and a lot more of interesting topics, including our black Friday sale.

Ventura County Search Engine Optimization

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SEO  Ventura County  & Search Engine Optimization for  Los Angeles county


SEO in Ventura county  helps make sites in Ventura rank on the first page of Google, which we provide. We also provide SEO in   Los Angeles county, also known as search engine optimization. We don’t limit ourselves to two counties, we help anyone in the worldto get on the first page of Google search.

While Google search is easy to rank in, Google places is a mystery to most people. Our clients who have a verified Google Places rank for multiple search terms in the top 3 Google Places results, which means their Google Place results come up above the traditional search results. Our Google Place client in Los Angeles county beats million dollar companies thanks to our search engine optimization and Google Place capabilitites to get them in the right area for ranking in Google search and Google Places.

So, what exactly do we do? Well, we focus on what the company sells and write about that topic while focusing on their competitors to provide a competitive ranking. We also use tools like keyword planner and others to find out phrases that are popular in their sector. We do a lot of analytic review and adjustments to get our customers doing great. We generate new content for the sites on a regular basis  that  help them rank for more phrases and making more sales.


How do we get people into Google places? We certainly aren’t giving away all our secrets, let’s just say we’ve replicated our results in this area multiple times and it works perfectly. If you aren’t in ventura county  or Los Angeles county and want help with search engine optimization, we can still help you out. While we do offer one hour for $99.99, that doesn’t get you all the great services we mentioned in this blog post. You can contact us to help you get your SEO appearing on the first page of Google.