How Minimalism Creates Stronger Security

Minimalism, tiny houses and only having what you need is very popular in some parts of the world. Security is and has always been the same as the minimalist culture, where you don’t keep anything you don’t need on your application or in this case your website. The more you have, the more chances of a high risk vulnerability that can be used to destroy your business.

What is minimalism security?

Did you like that theme, but you’re not using it? Throw it away, don’t keep it on your site. Why should you get rid of a disabled wordpress theme? That is the easiest point of entry since, people don’t realize the code is still accessible, you just need to know what your doing. The word disabled or deactivated is misleading, when that code is still reachable and still hackable. What disabled or deactivated code means is simply that you won’t see it on your site doing anything, but it doesn’t address the inherent risk to your website security, that vulnerabilities in that software that can be accessed even when in deactivated mode still pose a significant threat to your business.

The goal is to have as few plugins as possible on WordPress as possible, yet still do everything you need. It almost sounds impossible, but it isn’t. This one step can lower the amount of entry points in to your site for a criminal hacker.

We will be publishing more ways to keep your site more secure, but if you want a quicky review, we offer that for 9.99 and scale upwards.

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