Why is my wix site not on the first page of Google?

While there are ways to optimize a wix site, it is unlikely for a wix site to come up on the first page of Google and here is why. Many of our former customers erase our hard work on a WordPress site and go to wix, because it is easier to use. They aren’t wrong that it has a cleaner user interface, but what most don’t know is some wix sites don’t rank well.

Why do some wix sites not rank well?

Wix is a site where the information is what we call static, meaning it doesn’t change unless you go in and manually change it. With other software like WordPress you can schedule updates, have the site change whenever you want, and customize it to your hearts desire. Per our knowledge Wix does not offer the level of flexibility WordPress does, which is fine for so,e sites. We’ would use wix and other services for sites that will be heavily linken to by the press or will have ,Illinois or even a hundred thousand followers see the link. When you are using it to try and get a brand that is t heard of much you have a higher likelihood to fail. This isn’t because of wix persay, it is because these sites aren’t going to go in and update wix evertyday, which is needed to really get a new site seen. New, fresh content is extremely important online. While Wix certainly has its place, it isn’t a replacement, for WordPress.

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