Holding 8 Million Dollars Of Bitcoin needing recovery In my Hand

This is an experience our founder had with what he thought he was told was a billion dollars of bitcoin. It turns out it was only 8 million dollars of bitcoin at that point in time.

If you think your holding a billion dollars of bitcoin in your hand it is a strange feeling. I contacted John Paukilis, who was the middle man who informed me it was only 800 bitcoin, which means I held 8 million dollars at that point in time. The only way to hold bitcoin is if it is stored in hardware. n this case it was in a USB drive, also known as a flash drive.

This 8 million dollars of bitcoin belonged to a gentlemen who appeared out of nowhere. He asked my good friend, John Paukilis whose known in the bitcoin community if it can be retrieved. I noticed my friend smile across the room and said to me “come here”. I walked across the room to be told it had a ton of bitcoin on it and it needed to be recovered. I told my friend that wasn’t a problem. I held the flash drive in my hand and while physically it was just a flash drive, it felt like I was holding a very expensive item in my hand.

My friend took the flash drive full of bitcoins back and gave it to its owner, who said he would be in contact and dissapeared faster then he appeared.

The owner of the bitcoin most likely still can’t get access to his bitcoin which would be worth way more. It still can be recovered for free, we just get a percentage.

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