What Are NFTS & How They Work For Artists

Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24

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Non fungible tokens, also known as NFTs have exploded in popularity recently. The Covid pandemic has lead to artists trying to find new ways to make money and NFTS provide them with the creative outlet they need.

How do NFTS help artists make money?

Artists can sell original prints or copies of their art and digital art to people who are buying. They can list it on opensea.io or rarible.com, among many other sites. Our founder decided to experiment with rarible.com and put up some of his art, but sadly discovered it was pretty expensive (around $100 USD per piece of art uploaded), so only two pieces of art were uploaded as an experiment to Rarible.

When our founder wrote about this on twitter, his friend Alon Goren, who’s been working at Goren Draper And Holmes, decided to teach him how to use openminter with tezos, we will of course pass that knowledge on to you.

We are going to find out the cheapest way to upload your NFT art so you can make money during the pandemic and afterwards.

What does a NFT do for my art exactly?

NFT’s are a form of smart contracts for the block chain, which shows without a shadow of a doubt, that you purchased or uploaded that piece of art. This would help enforce your rights for that piece of art, you are also the ONLY one who gets any additional offerings that creators offer, like our founder offers animation for one piece.

What collector sites will be going to NFT?

It is rumored that Quidd will soon be moving to NFT’s in the near future for their digital collectible marvel cards, basketball cards, and a lot more awesomeness. Which our owner and our assistant writer are also experimenting with…

What is great about Quidd is as of the moment this was written you can still get free cards and cards for coins, the game in-app currency (you can earn that currency by watching ads or completing offers), which you can then sell for real money. That’s right, get free stuff, make real money. It is that simple.

NFTS Just Says I Own Something?

When you get down to the nitty gritty of it, yeah that is the simple answer. It links you to what you purchased and that token, so you own that non fungible token, which is linked to whatever you purchased.

We will continue updating this article with more info on NFTS, keep up-to-date with this article.

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