Laser Pointers Hack Siri, Alexa & Google From afar

Posted on November 6, 2019November 6, 2019Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , ,

A new paper has come out showing how a laser pointer from 800 feet away can turn on your voice activated device and do anything they want with your device. If you have a smart door lock connected to Alexa, they can unlock your door and walk right in. If you have an iPhone, then Siri is already a vulnerability allowing people to access your private information even when your phone is locked.

How is it possible to hack my devices with a laser pointer? Sparing you the mundane details, microphones are lacking or have non existent security measures to stop light being accepted as sound, which lets hackers use that to their advantage.

The best way to mitigate against this would be to disable voice activation on your iPhone and Android and move your voice activated Alexa and Google Mini away from windows.