Information Security Audit & Website Security Audit To Keep You Safer

Information security audits are great for website security, server security and anything else that connects to the internet, like internet of things devices. We don’t mean to imply that devices that don’t connect to the internet shouldn’t be secure, on the contrary. All devices should be as secure as possible, but especially if they are online, including your computer system.


So, what do we do to help you with your information security audits and website security? A lot. We have a 100 percent success rate of finding flaws in customers software and then proposing solutions. If you hire us we will test your website security and server security or any internet connected device, that includes devices that only use bluetooth or wifi. In previous audits for internet of things products we’ve discovered how to make internet of things light bulbs explode and make drones fall out of the sky, hack security cameras or anything else we are asked to secure.

In web security and server security audits, we’ve helped secure Godaddy, government organizations, and a lot of financial companies. We want to bring our expertise to all the companies in the world, since information security audits shouldn’t be a luxury that only large corporations can afford. Our most affordable information security audit is affordable for most small businesses and our automated security tools are so cheap, they’re a steal. If you want to contact us, please do or you can sign up for tips on how to stay more secure and reduce the impact cyber criminals can have on your life by filling out the form below.



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