Automated security vulnerability scanner

  • 30,000 WordPress vulnerabilities found.
  • Find out which software is vulnerable or not. Vulnerable code not currently provided to consumers. 
  • $19.99 a month recurring fee.
  • *Only 20 plugins are allowed to be scanned per month per user.

Affordable website security

  • malware removal
  •  DDOS protection
  •  Access to fixes
  • email protection
  • only $599.99 a year!


Affordable Search Engine Optimization

  •  one hour of SEO  a month
  • $99 a month

Affordable web security audit

Our affordable website security audit gives you ten hours of access to security professionals who will look for gaping security holes in your site and inform you about them. This is our most affordable web security audit that companies love for only $3000.


Comprehensive website security audit


Website security audit is currently our ultimate tiered plan which provides fifty hours of cyber security audit review  for $15,000 and we provide our malware removal service for an entire year at no additional cost. That’s right you get our comprehensive website security audit and our malware removal service for a year, which is a $287.99 savings!