IFTTT Stored XSS In Homeboy Recipes Could’ve Impacted Other Users If Shared

IFTTT is a great site, let’s get that out of the way before we say anything else. They offer a great service, however their response time to this one security issue was somewhat slow. On  September 20th, 2014 we made a recipe for the homeboy camera. This recipe contained XSS, which triggered every time anyone […]

Nastiest Defaced Server That We Made A More Secure Server

We were doing cyber security on a server that had been hacked. We were improving the security, but that was hard to do because it was the nastiest defaced server we’ve ever encountered. Everywhere you went the customers of the company and the administrators saw dead bodies of children strewn across the ground with blood […]

Affordable Server Security Audit to fix Gaping Security Holes In Your Server

Our affordable server security audit goes through gaping holes in your server and will make a patch for them. We will make your server as secure as we possibly can during our affordable server security audit. What does an affordable server security audit entail?   Fixing default insecure server configurations Fixing security holes that we […]

Cyber Crime: What Is it? Am I safe From Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is a word many know, but aren’t sure how to stay safe from it or what it entirely means. The definition of cyber crime is “criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet.”. Most people are  aware that you can carry crimes out from your computer, but don’t know how […]

Wannacry Ransomware Explained: The easy to understand guide to Wannacry ransomware

Wannacry ransomware is a new piece of ransomware that’s made a lot of news, however the likelyhood of you needing to worry isn’t that high. How does wannacry ransomware work? If you are using Windows 10, you have nothing to worry about. Anyone using Windows 10 is secure from wannacry ransomware. Anyone using a version […]