WordPress SEO plugin and WP Security plugin updated to 7.1 — what is to come

Our WordPress SEO & security plugin called redirect editor and security, automatically does it’s best to fix some security, by attempting to  your average elementary schoolers bot from detecting your site. These features are new and evolving rapidly.


The core feature of this plugin is redirects, which does have an impact  on SEO, especially if say a page is very important and then you modify the page name and no one can find it by that url. It messes up Google search, anyone who has the link, everyone thinks you’ve deleted the page. We simply allow users to redirect from within their application to elsewhere within their own domain.


It’s on our request list to let you redirect to another domain and that will be coming in an update, if all goes well. We are considering adding in more SEO feature to our WordPress plugin as well.


Our company is a full-fledged SEO  and cyber security company, helping turn companies from almost bankruptcy to in the black and doing well.


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