Cabrillo College Hacked 28k Students affected, 12k SSNS exposed

Cabrillo college students have been hacked, which is unfortunate since 28  thousand students  personal details are stolen along with their passwords, names, dates of birth, addresses and emails along with 12 thousand of the students social security numbers expected to have also been stolen.


The amount of data stolen in the criminal Cabrillo college hack is far worse than one may think. This affects students all the way back to 2009 and the way students used to be identified was by their SSN, until a few years ago they switched to user ids. This means that 12 thousand alma mater students of Cabrillo college are exposed to identity theft. One now has the social security number of a person, the day of their birth and their addresses along with name. This is all it takes to setup virtually any account online. It is highly advisable that all students get a credit freeze to avoid their identity being stolen. The school has not announced if it is providing identity protection or if it has followed the law and informed all the students about the data breach. They have had more than a month to do so, since the data breach was detected September 5th.




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