Artificial Intelligence Gets You Seen Quicker On Search

Personalization is nothing new in life, since companies through the ages try to tailor to their audience. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we can make better personalization quicker for customers.

you’ve probably used paid per click ads, which use artificial intelligence to target customers with relevant content to make sales. We are using AI to help you have new content on your site faster, quicker and with far more content. We make sure the content is tailored to your site.

If you’ve never heard of Google RankBrain or Quality Score in Google AdWords, they are very important for Google to decide if your site is good enough to retain users and rank higher in search results.

Digital marketing technologies and platforms are evolving rapidly, but they require a number of specific skills. If you want to opt for intelligent marketing technologies, but don’t want to deal with the technology side we build, use and handle it for you. You’ll get a huge jump on your competitors, since 76 percent of marketers aren’t using artificial intelligence for their clients.

Get a competitive edge on your competitors today by hiring Planet Zuda.

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