Abandoned software endangers your site: We are fixing that!

There is a ton of open source software that has been abandoned by the creator, especially for WordPress and in the open source software industry as a whole.

This is unfortunate, because sites are using this software and it starts to break, but they don’t know why. With no creator, the software isn’t kept up-to-date to work with everything else, it can get your site hacked, it essentially is falling apart. So what can be done about this?

We decided to start adopting as many open source plugins as possible for any industry and updating them. We do a major rewrite of the software if needed, or sometimes the inventor abandoned it, because they couldn’t figure out why it was so unstable. Coming in with a new set of eyes can sometimes be hard to figure out why it is unstable as well, but we always do solve the issues at hand and release a new update to keep people secure.

Let us know what software you want secure in the comments!



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