Twitter Data Leak, Users Possibly compromised

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Twitter sent out an email to anyone who used ads or provided their billing info to twitter and visited or If you viewed your billing info prior to May 20th, 2020 that info was stored in your devices cache.

Does this affect me? What data was impacted?

So far, Twitter knows of no one impacted, however they have no way to track this. The info was stored on your device, which included “email address, phone number, last four digits of your credit card number (not complete numbers, expiration dates or security codes), and billing address.”

This means if you used a shared computer or left your computer unlocked and unattended, someone could have downloaded your private data from cache. This issue is fixed.

Twitter email about data leak
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Ventura Breeze Hacked With Pharma Hack

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pharma hack of ventura breeze showing links to shady websites, including viagra sites that users don't see.
Ventura Breeze Hacked

Ventura breeze, a locally owned paper in Ventura county was hacked at least as far back as June 12t h, 2020 according to google cache and still is hacked. This hack flooded the site with links most won’t see promoting viagra and other medicines. This is a textbook pharma hack, where shady online medicine sites hack sites that rank well on google, to pull up their ranking in google to sell more shady products.

It is easy enough to fix if you want help fixing it and you run in to this issue, we can help you. You can or contact us.

Search results for Ventura Breeze showing the pharma hack had altered them to be all about viagra.
Google Search results for Ventura Breeze

We did inform Ventura Breeze of this issue by phone and Facebook about the hack.