Unity Point Health Data Breach 1.8 million dollar Settlement

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Unity Point Health, Iowa Healthcare system had a breach of their cyber security by a technique called social engineering. In this case it is where a malicious email is sent with a link or file that is clicked or downloaded which then let’s the attacker have access of your companies personal information.

The parties, which include Unity Point Health reached a settlement of 1.8 million in June 2020, which the court is required to review and decide if they approve it.

Online Game Stalker Online Hacked — immediate action required

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Stalker Online is a multi-player game that was hacked and 1.2 million user records were stolen and up put for sale by criminals on hackerforums, which is generally a site for newbie hackers, both ethical and unethical.

A database containing over 1.2 million user records from the popular MMO Stalker Online is being sold on hacker forums. Another database, which allegedly contains more than 136,000 user records from the Stalker Online forums, is being sold separately.

The stolen user records stored in the database include the players’ usernames, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and IP address.

You should reset your password, even if stalker online didn’t do it for you, because in cases like these sometimes they discover more accounts were breached than originally thought. Stalker online says they had secure passwords, even if they were stolen but there are ways to break those so they reset some users passwords.

Additionally, stalker online has activated a two step authentication system so in theory the owner has to approve the second message to avoid these type of hacks. While there are waye around this feature, it is a major improvement from what they had.

Lifelabs Data Breach Impacts 15 Million Canadians

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Ontario and British Columbia’s information and privacy commissioners have determined LifeLabs, the laboratory testing company didn’t protect the health information of 15 million Canadians, which mainly impacted those living in BC and Ontario.

An investigation found that LifeLabs didn’t implement “reasonable” security to protect their customers personal health informstion. The inadequate cyber security violates BC’s and Ontarios health protection laws.

“LifeLabs’ failure to properly protect the personal health information of British Columbians and Canadians is unacceptable,” BC information and privacy commissioner Michael McEvoy said in a statement.

McEvoy added that LifeLabs left millions of Canadians exposed to “potential identity theft, financial loss and reputational harm.”

The joint investigation determined that LifeLabs failed to implement adequate security rules, whie also collecting too much personal information.

“The breach should serve as a reminder to organizations, big and small, that they have a duty to be vigilant against these types of attacks,” said Brian Beamish, the Ontario commissioner for security and privacy .

Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugin

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There are a lot of great security plugins for WordPress, including ours, but when it comes to malware removal plugins, there is one that stands out from the rest.

You might expect our answer to be the WordPress plugin WordFence to be our answer for malware removal, after all they were a client of ours, but after reviewing nearly every malware removal plugin, WordFence misses the mark.

Our answer isn’t Sucuri, WPScan, or any of the well known plugins. The plugin we think is the best WordPress malware removal is called the anti-malware plugin from gotmls.net. It is a freemium plugin with a free license and reminds you to donate if you can.

That isn’t why we like it, we like it because it does a great job at detecting malicious files, and while it does sometimes make mistakes, also known as false positives, it’s improved greatly at not making mistakes.

Any malware scanner makes mistakes, but not everyone is so darn accurate, like anti-malware from gotmls.net is. The anti-malware WordPress plugin is great if you need to know if you were hacked, while our plugin airtight security is great at letting you know what plugin you are running is vulnerable to being hacked. Using both plugins gives you a pro active view with ours, and a reactive response with anti-malware from gotmls.net.

If that still isn’t enough, our company does hack cleanups for $49.99. We also offer quick monthly security reviews and search engine optimization or depending on your needs in depth security reviews every month.

We provide you with the same level of customer service we give any fortune 500 company.

Twitter Data Leak, Users Possibly compromised

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Twitter sent out an email to anyone who used ads or provided their billing info to twitter and visited ads.twitter.com or analytics.twitter.com. If you viewed your billing info prior to May 20th, 2020 that info was stored in your devices cache.

Does this affect me? What data was impacted?

So far, Twitter knows of no one impacted, however they have no way to track this. The info was stored on your device, which included “email address, phone number, last four digits of your credit card number (not complete numbers, expiration dates or security codes), and billing address.”

This means if you used a shared computer or left your computer unlocked and unattended, someone could have downloaded your private data from cache. This issue is fixed.

Twitter email about data leak
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