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10 marketing tips for local businesses that will help you out every time are listed below.

  • Figure out who your target demographic is. Are you selling to dentists, or are you selling to a candy company? Two different markets, but it’s up to you to make sure you’re targeting the right one.
  • You’re a local business. Examine your competitors. What are they doing online? How do they advertise in person? Legally take what they do that is good and incorporate it to the extent you are allowed to into your marketing.
  • Instagram, google, facebook, what are you supposed to focus on? Instagram is a great and powerful site which most  competitors  overlook. Facebook is over saturated with your competitors, but you can cross-post from instagram to Facebook. Google is a must as are other search engines, like duck duck go.
  • Make sure you are easy to find and that your customers have an easy time understanding what you are selling.
  • Be visible in the community as a local business. Go to events, buy booths, so people can see you online and offline.
  • Have multiple ways your clients can contact you, including Google hangouts or facetime, along with phone calls, and in person. The more ways they can contact you, the more ways you can conduct your business.
  • Is there a niche in your community that isn’t being filled that takes a slight tweak to your company? Tweak away!
  • The customer doesn’t know what they are looking for until they see what they aren’t looking for. Make sure to profit from this with contracts.


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