How Tour Operators Can Make Money During coronavirus

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Tour operators are in a very tough spot right now with coronavirus making their businesses close. Everything looks bleak, like your tour company may go out of business. Do not fear, we are here!

How Tour Operators Can Make Passive Income

Whether you own a tour bus, ghost hunting, or a type of experiential tours like gang tours, you can still make money without any customers. How do you make passive income while coronavirus has your company shut down? It’s pretty simple. You’ve been given a perfect picture moment in time, where you can get video, photos, and more and then post optimized tour blogs and youtube videos that you include in your blog. You’re probably yelling that blogs don’t make money. You are absolutely wrong, affiliate links along with google adsense can make you more money than you are making right now, but those aren’t the only ways to make money.

The big blogs in the tour industry charge to mention companies and have pages on every major city. You can do the same thing!

You don’t have to even be in that city to legally use photos from there and write about it, then charge companies to have a blurb written about them as long that you disclose you do this. Talk to your lawyer, this isn’t legal advice.

So now you have 3 ways of making money that we are giving away for free as a tour operator during coronavirus to help your business try not to go out of business. We have plenty of paid ways to keep tour operators in business, one that we publicize is tour Operators SEO, so you get seen on google and other search engines. We have plenty of other ways tours can make money without customers, but we keep those for paying customers.

We hope your company will profit off of this article.