Wannacry Ransomware Explained: The easy to understand guide to Wannacry ransomware

Posted on May 16, 2017May 16, 2017Categories Uncategorized

Wannacry ransomware is a new piece of ransomware that’s made a lot of news, however the likelyhood of you needing to worry isn’t that high.

How does wannacry ransomware work?

If you are using Windows 10, you have nothing to worry about. Anyone using Windows 10 is secure from wannacry ransomware. Anyone using a version of Windows below Windows 10 needs to go to Windows Updates and do an update immediately.

Wasn’t the Wannacry Ransomware stopped by a researcher?

The first version was, however there are several new versions of the wannacry ransomware that made it so they aren’t affected by the way they stopped that ransomware.

I use Windows XP, how do I protect myself from all versions of wannacry?

Microsoft was very kind and sent out an emergency update for Windows XP users to install from the Windows update tool. Windows XP usually doesn’t get updates anymore, unless there is an emergency where Microsoft makes an exception and gets you a patch. If you are on Windows XP, you should update to a newer operating system if at all possible. Windows XP is 13 years old and rarely ever gets support from Microsoft, since they no longer support it except under emergency situations.


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