Cyber Security And SEO Services

Planet Zuda is a team of cyber-security experts who help protect you from criminals destroying your business. We have a 100 percent success rate protecting our customers from cyber-criminals after they bring us in if they listen to us and implement the patches and guidance we give them. This is not a guarantee our clients can’t be hacked, anyone can be hacked if enough time is put into it. Our 100 percent success rate is simply a statistic. The majority of all criminal hacking targets small businesses & 60 percent of all victims go out of business. Criminal hackers cost each company they hack 15 million dollars per year on average according to CNN. All companies combined costs them 445 billion dollars per year according to US News.


If you need malware removal for your website, we provide it. If you need your website more secure, or your server or app more secure we provide it via security audits. We also provide automated security tools that our exclusive to Planet Zuda. We also provide website protection to help prevent it from being inaccessible due to a distributed denial of service(DDOS) attack and email protection from fraudulent emails, also referred to as phishing attacks. Our founder has 22 years of experience in cyber-security and ten years working in cyber-security. Planet Zuda’s clients have ranged from Godaddy to the U.S government to the small business owner who needs to be more secure. We’re proud to say that none of our clients have been maliciously hacked after we made their sites more secure.

Our Search engine optimization services brings our clients more customers and makes them money, which is what they love and why they stick with our search engine optimization services. We are professionals on getting you on the first page of Google and ranking in the top 3 in Google places for plenty of search results.

Search engine optimization isn’t about backlinks, like people think. Yes, organic links are useful, but that isn’t what you should be focusing on. You should be focusing on building a brand with content people search for.