A Guide explaining Why 43-50% Of Small Businesses Are Hacked

Posted on April 3, 2017April 3, 2017Categories cyber security

Many articles have come out stating that between 43 to 50 percent of small businesses are hacked. This makes sense and we will explain why in our guide that gives you a tiny bit of insight on how to think like this particular type of hacker.

Most small businesses use insecure software, they use anything that is free or cheap, and they never have a security audit no matter how much they want it due to how expensive it is.

Free and cheap software generally has no security to very little security, however paying more does not mean in anyway that you are more secure,  but they have a bigger budget to at least focus on security.

Before using a piece of software look up that software with the word exploit and see if there are any recent articles about exploits not being fixed in it. Also, update your software as much as possible and always do backups. We can’t stress those two the most, so we will repeat it. updating your software is critical  and having backups are critical for when you are hacked. Backups have saved some of our clients businesses when they were hit with ransomware, because instead of paying the ransom they simply restored from the backup and then had us make it more secure.


Our goal is to provide true security audits and malware removal at an affordable price, that is a true security audit, not the untrue security audits provided by other companies at affordable prices. A security audit is finding vulnerabilities before you’re hacked and we do that for as low as $29.99 a month, but enough about us let’s focus on what you can do for free to keep yourself secure. Of course, the ransomware sometimes does damage the perception of how secure you are if it also holds the entire site ransom, thus people may not trust your site as much. However, there are ways to mitigate this issue, by being very open and transparent about the entire process. While we know some companies want things to be hidden and not talked about, hackers find them anyways, so it’s better to be open about something then closed off.


We hope this very small and not even remotely close to extensive guide has helped you.