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We've helped closed source and open source companies with their security. In September we helped improve the security of WordPress plugins with a combined amount of 15 million downloads. We've helped websites from Google, the #1 website in the world according to alexa ranking to small mom and pop shops.

Who We've Assisted

We've assisted a plethora of open source and closed source companies with their web security. Whether the need your code audited, exploited, social engineering, your server security improved or anything else security related, we can help. We have assisted Google, Ebay incorporated, NASA, icecoder, cookies for comments, WPTouch, Mobiloud, and more.



Lightning quick security check $99 a month per site

Our lightning quick security check checks for publicly known exploits in your web application and checks to see if your server is patched against security holes like POODLE, heartbleed, shellshock, etc. If you are unable to pass our verification process we will refund you your payment. The $99 price is only applicable for small businesses.

Web site security audit

We will audit your site looking for vulnerabilites which include, but are not limited to XSS, sql Injections, cookie replay, html injection,and CSRF. You can get more details on each package and what they cover on our web application security audit page. Our Bug eradicator page covers everything from making your code more secure to Apache server security, which is best for people who use a dedicated server.
Package prices


Contact us today for assistance with your website security or if you are interested in our ultimate audit or if you would like to know about services that we don't list as packages.