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Why Choose Information Security Services by Planet Zuda?

Because we care about internet security. Just as you lock your doors to your house, you need to lock down your website. Interpol states on their website that Cybercrime is a fast growing crime in the world. According to the Bureau of Justice, 67% of business in their sample group experienced some type of cybercrime and 60% of these businesses reported more than one type of crime happening on their website. Don’t become another statistic, call us today at (917) 727-5257!
What is Cybercrime? Cybercrime is a crime committed using the internet. The problem with cybercrime is that it is often hard to pinpoint who did it, and even harder to stop the process once it’s started. Cybercriminals can swoop in and grab the information they need to be “you” online, including your information, money and line of credit, in a matter of seconds.

Bug bounty friendly

After we complete our audit we can set your site up with a bug bounty and manage it for you, so you'll always continue to learn about security holes. A bug bounty is not a replacement to security audits, but helps complement them.

Why use Search Engine Optimization services by Planet Zuda™?

One of our customers is getting up to 1 in 5 customers buying from their e-commerce site and from other sites they own where we make it very easy to buy their product, before they hired us they were making 1 to 3 sells a month! We also understand the way search engines work, because after all we are ethical hackers and the way our minds work is to figure out how things work and come up with a solution for our customers, whether it's cyber-security or SEO. Search engine optimization so you come up higher in the search results.
If you need help with your social media marketing, more people coming to your site, or your ad campaigns, we can help you out, just like we've helped all our other SEO customers who take our advice on what needs to be done. You may contact us at (917) 727-5257 or at sales@planetzuda.com

Talk to an information security specialist today!

Companies such as EBay, Domino’s Pizza, P.F. Chang’s, and Target have been hacked in the past, leaving destruction in its wake. Don't become another statistic! Email us at sales@planetzuda.com or call us at (917) 727-52571

Popular Planet Zuda projects

Our Internet Of Things drone security research is currently our most popular research. You can watch one video we've released where we take a drone over remotely and crash it on youtube.

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Companies we've helped

We've helped plenty of companies some include Godaddy, ebay, magento, Google, bugcrowd, western union, PureVPN, W3 Total Cache, MCProHosting, Iwantmyname,Instructure, etc. We've helped some of the largest names in the financial industry to companies who make open source software.
Planet Zuda is proud to offer new paid services for security researchers by security researchers. These two services include helping you finish an exploit you are stuck on for a bug bounty and also helping researchers who are busy report more bugs by acting as an intermediary for certain public bug bounty programs. We provide duplicate protection, so if you get a duplicate bug on a bug bounty and we were acting as the intermediary, then we will give you one new bug for free as long after the duplicate report is publicly disclosed.
If a bug bounty program rules does not allow our services we can't support that bounty. We currently do not support bug bounties on the bugcrowd platform, but we support any other bug bounty platform with public bounties. We can not help you with private bounties. Contact us at sales@planetzuda.com for more information or via the contact us form.
If you need a bug bounty setup and managed we can help you with that as well! We also provide code review, testing your website or mobile application for security holes, malware removal, etc.

Physical Location

Camarillo, California

United States

phone number:(917) 727-5257

sales at planetzuda.com