WP Woocommerce Vs Shopify

WordPress Woocommerce plugin is supposed to turn WordPress originally designed as a blogging platform in to an e-commerce store while shopify is an e-commerce platform. What is the difference between Woocommerce and shopify?

The first difference is the simplicity shopify has comparatively woocommerce is extremely complex and not easy to use. With woo, you’re responsible for setting up the payment settings, and then deal with settings that are cumbersome and clunky to use.

Shopify themes work with shopify by default. WordPress themes aren’t all designed for woo by default, but when they are you are fighting to make the theme and woocommerce function together in the way they’re supposed too.

The cons is that shopify has a fee for their smallest version for $29 a month, so why would you pay all that money?

How much do you pay for WordPress Hosting?

If you’re paying more than $29 a month for WordPress hosting, then then we would recommend switching over to shopify, if you only have ten unique items for sale, variants of the item, like different colors or sizes are currently unlimited.

We will continue updating this with feedback, this is based off our experiences and customers experiences.

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