WordPress Plugin Redirect Editor 1.3 Exploitable — Update to

The WordPress Plugin redirect editor was unlisted due to security issues in version 1.3. Thanks to help from the WordPress plugin security team and the former owner of redirect editor we were able to patch the plugin and take over the responsibility of maintaining the WordPress plugin redirect editor and we have been doing so. Unfortunately, more people are using the outdated exploitable versions than of those who are using the updated versions. Our first release was in the 1.4  branch, which had a ton of patches.  Unfortunately, 37 percent of users still use Redirect editor 1.3, which we find quite unfortunate, since we did not have control of the code back then and because we will be releasing  more information on the vulnerabilities affecting 1.3 and below in the near future.


Why release information on vulnerabilities in a WordPress plugin you now maintain?

Because people deserve to know what the heck is actually in the old software before we maintained it that makes the old versions in our professional opinion to insecure to safely use. If anyone finds an issue in the version we currently maintain, we will patch it ASAP.  If you are using the WordPress plugin redirect editor and are using 1.3 or below, you need to update immediately for the safety of your site.


If you have a WordPress plugin and are unable to maintain it, please contact us since we are always adopting plugins.

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