When Crypto-currency Recovery Is Time Sensitive

Picture of bitcoin to resemble our bitcoin recovery

Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24

Not all crypto-currency is recoverable, though we can recover a lot of it, even without a password. Some ways crypto-currency is stored can be retrieved without a password, but it is extremely time sensitive. This case was so time sensitive, we were paid to have a car drive us down to LA and then dig through the browsers cache. Browser cache doesn’t last forever and some browsers erase the oldest data first, even if you don’t delete it.

It took some work, but we were able to find the wallet and the wallet address, which no one knew. We were then able to reset the password and recover what would now be worth around 28 thousand dollars of Ethereum. This wouldn’t have been possible if the company hadn’t left the computer alone till we got there and called us the moment the issue occurred.

Hardware wallets are different, but this was a browser situation, which isn’t as easy as hardware wallet recovery.

If you have a problem with your crypto-currency and need it recovered, contact us ASAP.

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