Webcams allowing anyone to spy on you by Trendnet, dlink, and airnet

Webcams are always a good Christmas gift, so it’s always good to know which ones let other people spy on you.  The following allow people to control your webcam, and watch your every movement. Their is no password in place, the video is simply published to a url anyone can access and easily find on a site called shodan by looking up a search we will provide later on in the post.

The Trendnet advanced pan and tilt internet camera server TV-IP400  is one of these cameras that publishes everything you do and shodan indexes it. The skyipcam250w is by, nonetheless it also let’s anyone in the world spy on you and your family. Let’s not forget the Dlink Dcs‑900 Internet Camera, which also allows anyone to watch you.


These three cameras all have something in common, they use the camera web server 1.0 whose author may be a Mr. Steven Wu, since his name shows up as author along with every use of the camera web server 1.0. Whether there is a way to password these devices is not known to us, what is known to us is that your home is currently under the control of anyone who has access to the internet. The fact that these devices use camera web server 1.0 and the author name is Steven Wu, makes it easy for people to search and watch these users via shodan, by entering the relevant information. We believe you should disconnect your webcam if you own any of the above listed nor do we think these would make good Christmas presents for people you like.


This is the first out of 25 articles we are releasing this month on flaws, unknown exploits, and security vulnerabilities. We believe Christmas should be a time to also strengthen your security and make smart decisions on what you let into your house.


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