Ventura County SEO Company Increases Customers Sales 170 percent

We are a Ventura County SEO and cybersecurity company. We increased our customers sales 170 percent compared to January 2019 in January 2020. Last year they were using a different SEO company in Ventura County, but the SEO company wasn’t even making them enough sales to cover the amount they were charging our client.

How to increase your sales

We come in and go over your site and find areas to improve and you see the results. We have our customer grabbing the first result on the first page of Google Search for high quality search terms for their medical device. This doesn’t happen over night, but we will show you how we get there.

First, we make sure the site is in line with what Google and other search engines want. Then we update some of the existing content to be better, until it is all updated. After we’ve finished that step, you are seeing sales, but when we start posting frequent high quality content blog posts on a well optimized site, that’s when things really change.

We always start with one blog post a week to show the customers that blog posts work, as that can be hard to convince people of. We even do 2 blog posts a month for $40, without anything else which means one blog post every other week.

When we have fixed up all the products and any and all issues that the company or person who previously was supposed to be doing SEO caused.

After all of that is fixed, we focus more on blog posts to the level that the customer wants. We did do approximately 60 blog posts a month for a month for this particular customer and did approximately 30 blog posts the month before that, which helped them out a great deal.

A 170 percent increase in sales is certainly something to be proud of, and what makes us even prouder is we do this for plenty of businesses.

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