How To Tell If Your Site Might Be Hacked

You don’t have to be an expert to be able to tell if your site has been hacked, so listed below are possible ways to see if you have a hacked site.

  • Your site traffic suddenly plummets for no known reason. If your site is hacked, this is due to services, like Google flagging your site as dangerous.
  • Your site has pages you didn’t put there and have information you wouldn’t want on your site. If you are the only person who is supposed to have access to your site, then you were most likely hacked.
  • Your search results in Google have words you didn’t put there that have nothing to do with your site. You most likely were hacked.

Those are just a few ways to see if your site has been hacked without any expertise in reviewing code, but by this point it is too late, since you’ve already been hacked. Preventing hacks from happening is the best solution and that is by hiring professional security companies, like ourselves.


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