Make A Site Rank With Google Search & Google Places — A How To Guide

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We are going to take you into a step by step analysis of how we did SEO for a client who is in Google places and help them get good ranking in their business.

Ranking for search engine optimization takes a lot of time, effort, and analysis on why a site should be on the front page of any search engine, including Google’s.

First, a good title and description with relevant phrases for your industry in the description people see is important. It does not need to be keyword specific as Google can tell the difference between words that share similar meanings and can figure out what you mean pretty quickly. Contrary to popular opinion or even what Google said years ago, good descriptions still hold a factor in their ranking. One of hundreds of factors on determining how a site rankgs, but it is still a factor.

Once people click through to your site, you need to have a call to action clearly visible and make it easy to act on right away. Here is an example of one of our clients.

As you can tell Tours Los Angeles shows places they go to, they show happy customers, and have very clear buttons so you can book a tour. We did do the site design, which we don’t generally offer as a service. We are expensive when it comes to highly customized site design, though we do have a few site designs that can be launched for an affordable rate. When it comes to helping improve your search engine ranking we are affordable compared to other SEO companies. We, of course aren’t solely SEO, as we focus on all factors of a website, especially internet security.

Let’s dive deeper into our site analysis of Tours Los Angeles. Once you have images on a site, you need it to still load quickly. The desired goal is under 3 seconds for a site to load. So, to get this desired speed you need to use a content delivery network. A content delivery network, also known as a CDN hosts your images, so customers who come to your site can get them loaded as quick as possible. When you are using WordPress and the popular jetpack plugin, their CDN option is free, quick, and does help make your site load quicker.

Okay, so all you need to do is make a good looking site, proper descriptions and titles?
No, it isn’t that easy but those are important steps. It’s great to have relevant backlinks from blogs in your field or news sites. We have plenty of links from news organizations, as the media covers our work sometimes.

Always having fresh content is very important, which means blog, blog, blog and of course vlog. Vlog is slang for making video content. Making video content is not as easy as just hitting record, you need to make high quality video content. High quality does not mean you have to use the best camera, no high quality simply means that it is done well and meets the expectations of the viewers. Like with everything you do, you want the message to be clear, you want your customers to understand you, what you do and what you don’t do.

Is this all there is? Of course there is more. While this doesn’t exactly fall under our affordable SEO and not everyone’s definition of SEO, everyone can agree it is important to build your companies online presence. You need to make sure your social media presence is reaching a large swath of people. Our founder is a social media influencer, which means he has thousands upon thousands of people following him, commenting and interested in what he does. We take that knowledge and build it for your company. Managing social media pages and building up a following takes a lot of work, so we can’t put that in our affordable SEO kit.

This is a quick breakdown of SEO, since we didn’t get into image optimization for search, among tons of other topics. This should give you a general idea of the importance of SEO.

Los Angeles SEO services Including Google Places

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Los Angeles SEO services that get sites into Google places now known as Google my business are a dime a dozen online, but how many of these companies can actually deliver on what they claim?

It turns out very few can, in fact we discovered that the last SEO company of a client of ours was doing literally nothing whatsoever, because they weren’t able to login to make changes. Unfortunately, the customer was still getting charged plenty every month for SEO services rendered, even though none were. This isn’t a one time incident, but listing all these incidents is a blog post in itself.

One of our Los Angeles SEO clients  is a tour company, an industry that is extremely brutal to get ranked well, but after some work we came up with a simple system that works very well for all tour companies that gets our clients not only ranking well and appearing in Google places, but also making them a lot more sales due to our work.
Here is what they had to say about our work and working directly with our CEO.

“Previous to Ryan we used a very large company for our SEO with lukewarm results at best.

When we switched to Ryan’s services we saw results after just one week.

Ryan leaves no stones upturned. The dynamic of SEO is constantly changing, he is constantly researching new trends in maximizing SEO.

He will access what your companies individual goals are for success.

I highly recommend Ryan

Guideline Tours
Los Angeles

We’ve proven our methods work across all sorts of Los Angeles SEO industries and across the country. So how do we do it? What is our magic trick? Maybe it’s having listened to thousands of hours of SEO techniques for over a decade from experts? Maybe it’s using those techniques for all those years? Maybe it’s that we are always looking for unused avenues that don’t always have to be online to improve our customers sales?

Some would call this digital marketing and they would be right in some regard, but everything we are currently doing is online with exception to some programs that are about to launch.

If you follow our site and read previous blog posts, you’ll notice they aren’t all about SEO. That’s because we are a diversified company, which focuses on SEO and internet security, better known as cyber-security.  We are excellent in both areas, which is why other Los Angeles SEO companies dread going up against us in a conversation when they are trying to scam a customer, which we will be writing about soon.