What Is WebP & How It Could Make You Money In 2021

Posted on September 11, 2020September 11, 2020Categories UncategorizedTags , , ,

WebP is the latest and greatest image format, simply meaning it makes your image look awesome while making your image as small as possible, so people who have slow internet will see your site load quickly.

WebP will play a significant role in SEO come 2021 with the release of Lighthouse 6 also known as web core vitals, which we covered what that is and why you should be acting now extensively.

The reason webp will play such a significant role is because it can turn an 18 megabyte image into half a megabyte without losing the quality of the image, which is absolutely astonishing.

Core Vitals version 6 will be part of Google’s search algorithm in 2021 and the main focus is on the speed your site loads, so naturally you want to use the fastest images available, which is webp. There are a ton of webp converters available right now for free.

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