SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Vulnerabilities — download our cure for you

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is used by over one million sites and is the newest WordPress plugin for us to fix and have for sale, because siteorigin widgets bundle has some vulnerabilities that can not be ignored and definitely would not be ignored if a criminal wanted to get into your site.

SiteOrigin has a lot of vulnerabilities and we’ve patched the most severe one today. Based on our code review this vulnerability would allow attackers to inject malicious code into the website, deface the site and cause other damage to it. This bug among a few other bugs are patched.

What does this mean to me?
It means that anyone could negatively impact your website brand and cause you a headache and a half due to this vulnerability per code review. We patched the most severe vulnerability that we found and have made it available to you, which is far more secure then the free version of Site Origin Widgets Bundle.

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