SEO Backlinks Can Damage your Sites SEO Optimization with Search Engines

SEO is very important, unfortunately one of the main problems we run into with our customers is that some giant companies are still selling SEO backlinks services, where they go around the web posting links to your website and call it SEO.


This is not helpful, it is in fact quite damaging, fortunately the SEO damage can be reversed but it takes time to fix the SEO damage and put proper search engine optimization in its place.

What is SEO backlink damage?

SEO backlink damage as we described above is where you go around the web randomly posting links back to your site, known as backlinks. The reason this is damaging is because the backlinks are irrelevant to your site and the search engines know that you or someone else is trying to damage your sites reputation.  If you make a bunch of profiles and post backlinks to your site that have no relevancy with your company, that can be damaging, especially when the sites you post on are primarily used for spam.

Organic SEO backlinks are entirely different then what we are talking about in this post and will discuss that in a future post. Organic SEO backlinks are good and healthy, but that’s all we will say on that subject.


How do I fix SEO backlink damage?

It varies from site to site, however one big step is finding the most offending websites that hurt your rankings and then remove  those websites by using the disavow tool in Google. We try to keep the amount of SEO backlinks we remove low, since we only focus on the worst damage.

If you simply remove the backlinks, that in itself does not fix your sites SEO damage. We always have to update the site to rank better in many other ways and do so for $99.99 a month. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.





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