Planet Zuda Restored WordPress Plugin Redirect Editor

We are thrilled to announce that the redirect editor is back in the WordPress repo. We are in the business of restoring abandoned plugins and or plugins with security holes to be far more secure and modernizing them for WordPress.

The Redirect editor used to be taken care of by Justin Watt, who built a great tool, but was no longer updating the security or the tool, which is totally understandable, because people get busy and things happen.  However, the redirect editor  was removed from the WordPress repo due to security reasons 9 months ago and over 3000 sites were using it, so  we went through all the steps of trying to take over maintaining the plugin. By the end Mika from WordPress security was able to get hold of the developer who agreed Planet Zuda now is the author of the plugin.  We would like to thank her for all her help and dedication to keeping WordPress safe to use.

We are now very proud to say that third party review shows that the redirect editor is very safe to use and we did everything to make sure this is the safest redirect editor we have worked on  in the WordPress repo.

We have plans in the works to make this plugin even easier to use, because while we believe it is the easiest redirect editor in the repo, we want to make it without a doubt in anyone’s mind that it is the best redirect editor for all of WordPress.

This is the first of many plugins we are trying to restore and make safe to use, which are no longer being updated and kept secure. We are currently in talks with other plugin developers who have abandoned their software for years, so we can help their users stay as secure as possible.


If you know anyone who wants to get rid of a WordPress plugin, shoot them our way and we will let them know if we can help or not.



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