Outdated Plugins Spread Malware Ads Due To Hackers

If a site doesn’t update a plugin does that cause harm? A lot of times plugins don’t disclose security updates, but hackers still know if they were insecure. Some plugins are currently being hacked with malware advertisements, also known as malvertizing. Updating your plugins can avoid this.

If the website has to follow California’s CCPA, there could be a fee of $750 per user, even if the users weren’t damaged by the intrusion.

Thankfully, we had a positive conversation about the CCPA with one of the people who has helped write the laws. After our talk, 7 new changes that we had discussed in detail were changed to help businesses and became law.

If you don’t have to follow the CCPA, Google safebrowsing still remembers for 3 months which sites have been hacked. This makes it very hard to get seen online. Even after the 3 months are up, it can be hard to get the website visibility back, as Google remembers when your site was last hacked.

Thankfully, you can protect your sites for free from this particular issue by updating your plugins.

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