Online Game Stalker Online Hacked — immediate action required

Stalker Online is a multi-player game that was hacked and 1.2 million user records were stolen and up put for sale by criminals on hackerforums, which is generally a site for newbie hackers, both ethical and unethical.

A database containing over 1.2 million user records from the popular MMO Stalker Online is being sold on hacker forums. Another database, which allegedly contains more than 136,000 user records from the Stalker Online forums, is being sold separately.

The stolen user records stored in the database include the players’ usernames, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and IP address.

You should reset your password, even if stalker online didn’t do it for you, because in cases like these sometimes they discover more accounts were breached than originally thought. Stalker online says they had secure passwords, even if they were stolen but there are ways to break those so they reset some users passwords.

Additionally, stalker online has activated a two step authentication system so in theory the owner has to approve the second message to avoid these type of hacks. While there are waye around this feature, it is a major improvement from what they had.

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