Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24

A stack of money that's worth one million dollars
Million dollars image creative commons taken by Jeffery Putman

The million dollar turn down: It all started when I went to the Crypto summit at the Los Angeles convention center which, at the time, was owned by a good friend of mine.

As the summit went on people were acting very weird and from my perspective worshiping him, and all I could think is “What’s your deal?!” While I mean, no disrespect to my friend, I certainly am not the type to fanboy really anyone. I went to the vendors booths and ended up on the news behind another friend who was the person they came there for. I was done with all the ritualistic, political behavior and took a breather in what I like to call hallway con. I wasn’t feeling so good on that day and I would later have seizures but that’s a story for another time.

If you’ve watched movies about people making money, you’ll have seen that cheesy villainy like character who says “Money!” while rubbing their hands together and then giving out an evil cackle. That cheesy character, turns out to be a real type of person, I thought as I noticed one person doing just that. I ignored them and their reality. I met a few new people who weren’t trying to use me to get to people I knew and just wanted to make a name for themselves.

One of them was a guy who had a great name which I will not use. His startup was trying to launch satellites and was looking for investors. I decided to be a kind human being and work to help him, as he had everything figured out down to the T.

The few of us spent the entire afternoon trying to find him some investors, but I took a break and went to lunch with another dude I didn’t know, who still to this day only smokes a dream-pipe, great ideas, but no fruition.

After lunch, we found an investor for this guys cheap satellite launching startup. I was busy taking media calls, but followed along just out of curiosity to see what would happen. Everyone, except me sat down next to each other around the round table and started our negotiating. I was handling a media phone call.

I finally sat down at the round table once and the guy explained his business model, launching satellites for only 25k for anyone. You could feel the tension in the air, but the guys business was awesome, so unsurprisingly the investor was very interested. He was about to make a low offer around a quarter of a million when the guy disclosed he didn’t have all his parts. This didn’t deter the investor, he said “Okay, I’ll give you a million dollars.” Based on all the numbers given, this was amazing news, so it was absolutely jaw-dropping when the guy said “No”. He came up with some excuse, that didn’t make much sense and the investor got up and walked away, like I would have, because this guy was from my perspective being idiotic.

This guy destroyed a lot of bridges that day with his attitude and behavior. I left him be and was having some seizures after that startling revelation. I ultimately left for the day and went to a friends house. I still can’t believe the guy turned down a million dollar offer. It was one of the top two dumbest things I’ve seen. The number one dumbest thing I’ve seen is holding a billion dollars of bitcoin that needed to be recovered, but the guy chose not to have it recovered.

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