Get On Front Page Of Google In 24 hours with Secret SEO Guide — Fact or Fiction?

Can you get on the front page of Google in 24 hours with these secret SEO guides in 2019?

The answer is, it depends. If your website just launched in the last 24 hours, you will not be on the front page of Google, except maybe for your name if you properly submitted your site, had it crawled and gave Google webmaster the sitemap. Then, maybe in 24 hours you could possibly be appearing for your name if it is a unique name.

You should not expect to instantly be on the first page and be taking down your competitors. That takes work, time and dedication, but once done right it can be done in 24 hours on the front page of Google.

See, if you write something that is properly optimized, it can appear for a lot of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords means more than just front page Google, instead it would be “Get seen online and first page of Google for extraterrestrials”. You may rank for First page of Google for extraterrestrials, because those words are in your title. You may also appear for a short keyword Google For Extraterrestrials.

Getting seen on the first page takes knowing how Google works, which is why we are always reading any Google Search algorithm white paper, so we can help you and your business get seen online.

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