How to get on First page of google — a free SEO tutorial

How do I get onto the first page of google? Is a question everyone wants the answer to as everyone has something interesting to share. Today we will dissect how to get you on the first page of google, but as this is a beginner guide, we won’t be able to go into some extremely nuanced details on ranking for Google. If you decide you need help, we can help you rank on Google  


The first step in any business is to know what you are promoting, which also applies to getting on the first page of Google. What are you promoting? If you are a tour company, you need to identify what type of tours you give and what people search for, for your tours. If you’re promoting a beach house for rent, then you need to establish what people search for. If you’re promoting how to get on the first page of google, then you identify what people search for and write an article for it  


Now that you established what people look for, you need to use that knowledge to get more traffic and that sounds harder then it actually is. Let’s use our company as an example. We know people want to rank for first page of google, because most people don’t even know what SEO is or how search engine optimization works. By knowing this, we create content based on what people search for that also helps you, so you can help yourself or have us help you.


This sounds really simple, doesn’t it? Establish what people want, then write about it. Then why isn’t it that easy, you may be wondering. You may be shouting at us through your screen that you’ve done all of this and it still doesn’t work. Guess what, you’re sorta right. Writing great Content while not also making it easy to read for people and making it easy to get on first page of google, which means making it easy for search engines to read and understand can be difficult for some people.


Search engines like Google are insisting for more and more content to keep you on the front page of google, so spend ten hours and write a couple weeks of content that is tailored towards your audience and will also work well to get on the first page of google.

How do you do that? There is a lot to it, but one of the more important pieces is to ensure that you use the search terms you want to rank for spread out through your article, then you edit the description, title, and url slug for each post, to reflect your goal.


sounds easy, right? If not, keep reading and we will try to demystify the mystifying behemoth that is the search engine and how to be one of the top results.


Search engines are ran by computer code, and examine sites using, you guessed it computer code. If the computer can’t understand what it is looking at, then all your hard work is useless. Search engines can’t read images well, so making a description and short description, also known as an alt tag, helps tell the search engine what the image is about and why it is on that page  This helps the search engine “see” your content and then have it try to rank you.

You do everything I already stated, you may be yelling, so why aren’t you getting sales? That has to do with conversions, which we aren’t covering in this article. This is solely focused on explaining how to get you on the first page of fooogle, not how to make money once you are there. That’s another can of worms, we may slightly dissect later






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