Delete WP-Doctor — It Contains Malware

We discovered that WP-Doctor, a plugin in the WordPress repository contained malicious code. After confirming the plugin had malicious code in it, we contacted WordPress Security and they took it down. It is important to mention that they noted they couldn’t find anywhere in the code where the malicious code was activated, so they don’t […]

Outdated Plugins Spread Malware Ads Due To Hackers

If a site doesn’t update a plugin does that cause harm? A lot of times plugins don’t disclose security updates, but hackers still know if they were insecure. Some plugins are currently being hacked with malware advertisements, also known as malvertizing. Updating your plugins can avoid this. If the website has to follow California’s CCPA, […]

What Is SEO And Why Do I Need It On My Website?

You may have wondered what SEO is and why you need it on your website. SEO stands for search engine optimization and you need it on your website so you will be found online. We are uniquely qualified to provide SEO services, since our founder co-founded a unique original search provider called CheetaSearch when Yahoo […]

Laser Pointers Hack Siri, Alexa & Google From afar

A new paper has come out showing how a laser pointer from 800 feet away can turn on your voice activated device and do anything they want with your device. If you have a smart door lock connected to Alexa, they can unlock your door and walk right in. If you have an iPhone, then […]

Your iPhone & iPad Can Be Easily hacked

Your iPhone has Siri, which unknowingly to you makes your phone constantly vulnerable from various attacks, even when your phone is locked and you sit it down. Anyone can go through your previous messages, make calls, send texts, view your work schedule, add new events to your schedule, FaceTime anyone, etc. It’s also important to […]