Free Shopify Stores & WordPress sites For Stores impacted by covid 19

From our press release ” Ryan Satterfield, founder of Planet Zuda LLC, is now offering free set- up services for Shopify online stores and WordPress sites. These complimentary services are primarily for brick and mortar store owners as well as small business owners and independent contractors who do not have an online presence and were […]

Artificial Intelligence Gets You Seen Quicker On Search

Personalization is nothing new in life, since companies through the ages try to tailor to their audience. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we can make better personalization quicker for customers. you’ve probably used paid per click ads, which use artificial intelligence to target customers with relevant content to make sales. We are […]

Dating App AceApp More Security Threats To Users Safety Than Imaginable

This ace app dating site social network review started in January, with one issue we asked them to fix. The issue was that all the users location, real name, and real pictures were being leaked. We originally thought this app only had 10 percent of all known asexuals, but thanks to aceapp social networks leak […]

Unhackable Software Security Researchers Can’t Crack

Security is important, so making software impossible to hack is something everyone wants. Unfortunately, unhackable software when marketed as such, is usually extremely easy to hack. This is not the case with our software as it’s only 2 lines of code, which truly can’t be hacked.

Ventura County SEO Company Increases Customers Sales 170 percent

We are a Ventura County SEO and cybersecurity company. We increased our customers sales 170 percent compared to January 2019 in January 2020. Last year they were using a different SEO company in Ventura County, but the SEO company wasn’t even making them enough sales to cover the amount they were charging our client. How […]