Million Dollar turn down

Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24 The million dollar turn down: It all started when I went to the Crypto summit at the Los Angeles convention center which, at the time, was owned by a good friend of mine. As the summit went on people were acting very weird and from my perspective worshiping […]

Holding 8 Million Dollars Of Bitcoin needing recovery In my Hand

This is an experience our founder had with what he thought he was told was a billion dollars of bitcoin. It turns out it was only 8 million dollars of bitcoin at that point in time. If you think your holding a billion dollars of bitcoin in your hand it is a strange feeling. I […]

How Web Hosts Exposed Your Data & We Fixed It

This is a piece to show you what happens and has happened behind the scenes here at Planet Zuda to help the cyber security of the world. The year we are discussing is 2010. Bitcoin had been invented a year prior so, this was a different era. Everyone cared about their website, but we were […]

When Crypto-currency Recovery Is Time Sensitive

Written by Planet Zuda Staff and Luciolle24 Not all crypto-currency is recoverable, though we can recover a lot of it, even without a password. Some ways crypto-currency is stored can be retrieved without a password, but it is extremely time sensitive. This case was so time sensitive, we were paid to have a car drive […]

I Could’ve Got Arrested By The UN By Reporting A Hack

How the right thing in cyber security could’ve ended with me disappearing… Written by Planet Zuda Staff We are starting a new series here, documenting our experiences while helping others and how things can go a bit crazy. Especially when you figure out something concerning one of the biggest societies in the world. So how […]