About cyber security


Planet Zuda cyber security helps you defend against attackers.

Why Choose Planet Zuda Information Security Services?

Because we care about internet security. Just as you lock your doors to your house, you need to lock down your website and any internet connected device and or software. Interpol states on their website that Cybercrime is a fast growing crime in the world. According to the Bureau of Justice, 67% of business in their sample group experienced some type of cybercrime and 60% of these businesses reported more than one type of crime happening on their website. Don’t become another statistic, call us today at (917) 727-5257

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a crime committed using the internet. The problem with cybercrime is that it is often hard to pinpoint who did it, and even harder to stop the process once it’s started. Cybercriminals can swoop in and grab the information they need to be “you” online, including your information, money and line of credit, in a matter of seconds.

Bug bounty friendly

After we complete our audit we can set your site up with a bug bounty and manage it for you, so you’ll always continue to learn about security holes. A bug bounty is not a replacement to security audits, but helps complement them.