Cyber Monday Month 99 Cent Sale

We decided Cyber Monday isn’t long enough, so we are having Cyber Monday prices the entire month of December.

Our specials this month are a quick manual security review and or a quick SEO review. You will be charged $0.99 cents for the first months service and $9.99 the following months, if you do not cancel your subscription.

What is in our quick security review?

We do a quick review of your cyber security. If you have software we know that contains malware or is known to be easily hacked, we will let you know. We will also do testing on your sites software to help ensure your sites security.

That includes checking to see if your data is safe and checking 5 of the top ten most common ways a site is hacked, according to OWASP. We will look for the number one vulnerability called injections. We will also do a quick check for broken authentication meaning you don’t need a username or password to get to data from your site. We will check to see if sensitive data, like credit cards, passwords, etc. is exposed. We will also check for security misconfigurations and cross site scripting.

If your sites using WordPress, we will provide you our premium Airtight Security plugin free for one month. We use the biggest publically available exploit database that criminals use to hack your sites to instead help secure your site. We use what the criminals know to alert you if our software knows of an exploit they can use against you.

What is in our Cyber Monday SEO Review Deal?

We check to see if search engines will understand what your site is actually about. We will review your home page and the pages you link to on your navigation menu. We will send you an email telling you how to improve your visibility after reviewing your site. We will let you know when new software comes out that will help improve your sites security for free via email.

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