WPML and On The Go Systems Has A Stellar Product And Team!

Posted on July 31, 2017August 1, 2017Categories cyber security, Uncategorized, wordpress security

WPML owned by On The Go Systems is stellar, beyond stellar. They deeply care about security and will help all customers  including current paying customers and those who are no longer paying when a severe threat emerges. Did we work with them to improve their security? Yes, we did, but that isn’t the point, the point is how they handled the security issues and how amazing they are with their customers.


On The Go Systems makes many WordPress Plugins and while we haven’t reviewed them all, we can say that security is a high priority for them, which says a lot about a company. They care about providing a good experience to their users both with usability and a secure experience.


We asked Amir Helzer, the owner of On The Go Systems his view on customer usability and security and this is a quote directly from him ”

We treat security as an ongoing effort. Ryan helped boost the security of our plugins and helped keep them secure. We started with an initial review which uncovered a number of issues to handle. Then, we kept working with Ryan to maintain the security of our plugins as we released new versions and as WordPress updated the general security advice for the entire project. The cost of the security review was little compared to the damage that we avoided to ourselves and our clients, if we had left security exploits in our products. “
We love helping companies, but most importantly protecting users from being hacked and we were able to help both On The Go Systems and their users. It is companies like On The Go Systems that remind us that some companies truly do want to protect their users and it is truly heart-warming to find companies who do protect their customers.
We highly recommend On The Go Systems WordPress plugins for your plugin needs, and hope other companies will follow their lead in the effort to secure GPL code.
In conclusion, bravo to everyone who works at On The Go Systems to always being On The Go to secure your code.