Web Privacy And SEO In The Age Of Duck Duck Go

The age of duck duck go may be coming in the near future. Yes I am talking about duckduckgo.com, a great search engine, which helps people with their privacy, while driving webmasters insane. Duck Duck Go has gained a lot of popularity lately, because it won’t tell the site you go to what you searched for nor does the duck keep any information on what you search for. This means people can come to your site, but you won’t know how they got to your site or what keywords they searched. Users love this, but people who do traditional SEO hate this. One person recently talked about Dark Social, because the Safari Browser on Ipad and iPhone won’t tell sites how people got their, but this really boils down to people wanting some some privacy online creating dark data.

So how should people who do SEO cope in the age of the duck?

It is quite simple. It is exactly what you should do with Google search. You need to produce good content, have a good site and use social media to your advantage. I also recommend using the adwords keyword tool to figure out what type of words people type to find your site for Google, then you will have a good chance of embracing the age of the duck, instead of fighting it. I’ve never fought a duck, but I was bitten by a goose and it didn’t feel too good, so I suggest not to fight birds. Another way to embrace Duck Duck Go, startpage and other privacy tools.

One difference between Startpage and Duck Duck Go is that StartPage is powered by Google Search & lets you use the ixquick proxy. Duck Duck Go is powered by several different sources, including the Yandex search engine. The duck doesn’t have a proxy that you can use.

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