Internet Security Podcast episode 10: Free WiFi And The Security issues it poses

This is our tenth podcast and our first one to have a youtube video, audio, and a transcript of what was said in the show!

This is your daily security alert. don’t do  anything when you’re using free WiFI, because anything you do on  can be seen, watched, monitored
and recorded by anyone else who is using the  same  free WiFi connection. if you’re at a coffee shop and you’re using the free wifi, then the guy next to you can steal your identity or a guy 100 feet away can steal your identity.  This is just one reason not to trust Free WiFi. If you are using secure http, then it is a little harder to steal your identity, but it can still be done by using certain techniques. Honestly  it just takes a couple extra minutes to crack secure http, So  don’t do anything confidential while using free WiFi.   okay that’s it for todays security alerts.